Brass Faucet and Undermount Sink: Top Kitchen Sink Faucets Reviewed

March 28, 2024
Brass Faucet and Undermount Sink: Top Kitchen Sink Faucets Reviewed

Upgrading your kitchen sink faucets and basin can instantly refresh the heart of your home. From sleek brass taps to modern kitchen island sinks, today's homeowners have a wide array of stylish and functional kitchen faucet options to choose from .

This guide explores the top brass faucets, single and double handle kitchen taps, as well as undermount, drop-in, and other popular sink styles from Zayian helping interior designers and home decor enthusiasts select the perfect kitchen sink faucet and basin combination .

Faucet Design and Construction

Brass kitchen faucets come in diverse styles that complement both modern and traditional kitchen cabinetry designs. Zayian offer a wide range of brass faucet designs, including the Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet with Two-Tone Lever Handles and the One Hole Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet with brass Lever Handles. The Zayian collection, in particular, features rich finishes that make the fittings a standout feature in any kitchen or bar area.

Brass faucets can be found in various configurations, such as:

  • Single-handle: These faucets have a single lever or knob that controls water flow.
  • Widespread: These faucets have separate hot and cold water handles, often with a spout in the middle.
  • Modern: Contemporary designs with sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics.

Brass faucets can add a warm and shiny accent to kitchen spaces, complementing rustic or moody color palettes. They pair well with farmhouse-style or integrated undermount sinks, and their finishes can be matched with other hardware like cabinet pulls for a cohesive look. Many brass faucets also offer functional features like water filters, sprayers, and touch controls for added convenience.

When it comes to pairing brass faucets with undermount stainless steel sinks, there were initially concerns about the aesthetic compatibility. However, many homeowners have successfully combined these elements, creating visually appealing kitchen designs. The undermount installation of the stainless steel sink helps minimize its visibility, allowing the brass faucet to take center stage.

Here's a comparison of some popular brass kitchen faucet options:

Faucet Model Key Features Pros Cons Price
Arched Bridge Unlacquered Brass Kitchen 360-degree swivel, 20-inch retractable hose, lifetime warranty  - Not touch-free, more than 4 finishes options  $440 
Unlacquered Brass Single Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet Easy install, mixer, limited lifetime warranty  - Only 3 finishes, not touch-free  $329
Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Sink Faucet Two handles function, customizable - Aren't able to swivel 360-degree $279
Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Long Legs Faucet With Sprayer Affordable, matching side sprayer, 5 finish options  - Two-handled style takes up more space, not touch-free  $499
Moen Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Durable, hands-free, easy to install  - Take up space, not a mixer  $549 

When selecting a brass kitchen faucet, consider factors like style, functionality, and compatibility with your existing or planned sink to create a cohesive and visually appealing kitchen design.

Sink Specifications and Compatibility

Undermount sinks come in a variety of materials like brass, copper, bronze, and more, offering a range of options to complement different kitchen designs. These sinks are a popular choice for modern, unique, and rustic kitchens, as they seamlessly integrate with the countertop for a sleek, cohesive look.

The 30-inch Unlacquered brass 16 Gauge Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is a prime example of an undermount sink suitable for pairing with brass faucets. Crafted from premium 304 Series 16-gauge solid brass, this sink boasts the following specifications:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 30"L x 18"W x 9.25"D
  • Interior Dimensions: 27"L x 15"W x 9"D
  • Handmade and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty 

The sink comes equipped with a Sink Strainer in brass finish.

While the provided content does not directly address compatibility specifics, undermount sinks like this unlacquered brass model can seamlessly integrate with brass faucets to create visually appealing and functional kitchen designs. The sleek, minimalist profile of the undermount sink allows the brass faucet to take center stage, complementing its warm tones and shiny finish.

Maintenance and Care

Brass kitchen faucets and undermount sinks require proper maintenance to preserve their beauty and functionality. Brass is a metal that will develop a patina (a greenish-brown film) over time, which can be aesthetically pleasing. The patina can be cleaned off to restore the shiny brass look.

To clean a brass sink, use Bar Keeper's Friend or Wright's Copper Cream Cleaner and a soft sponge. Sprinkle the cleaner on the damp sink, use the sponge to clean in circular motions, then rinse. If you want to preserve the shiny brass look and slow the patina process, Thompson Traders recommends using a paste wax like Johnson Paste Wax.

Here are some tips for maintaining brass sinks and faucets:

  • Solid Brass vs. Brass-Plated:

    • Determine if the brass sink is lacquered or solid brass - a magnet test can help determine if it is brass-plated or solid brass.
    • For brass-plated sinks, use only mild soap and water for cleaning, avoid abrasives or polishing as this can damage the plating.
    • For solid brass sinks, lacquered finish can be removed using lacquer removal products, but take safety precautions.
    • Unlacquered solid brass needs regular polishing with a brass-specific polish and soft cloth.
  • Cleaning and Polishing:

    • Minor scratches can be removed with fine automotive rubbing compound and polish, while deeper scratches may require wet sanding with progressively finer grits of sandpaper before polishing.
    • Homemade brass polish options include lemon juice and baking soda, tomato-based sauce like ketchup, and lemon, salt, and white vinegar.
    • Allowing natural patina to form can also be an appealing option for solid brass sinks.
  • Faucet Care:

    • Avoid using harsh cleaning products, scouring pads, or stainless steel sponges, which can damage the faucet finish. Instead, use a soft cloth and mild soap and water.
    • Dry the faucet immediately after use to prevent water spots and mineral buildup.
    • Apply carnauba wax to the faucet finish twice a year to help prevent mineral deposits and tarnishing.
    • If you notice any buildup, soak a cloth in warm water and white vinegar and lay it over the affected area for a few hours to help loosen the buildup.
    • Avoid using harsh drain cleaners, as they can strip the finish from the drain.
  • Undermount Sink Cleaning:

    • For regular cleaning of brass sinks, use a mild soap and water with a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely.
    • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or harsh chemicals on brass sinks, as they can damage the surface.
    • For undermount sinks, the seamless transition from countertop to sink makes them easier to clean compared to drop-in sinks.
    • When cleaning the undermount sink, also wipe down the surrounding countertop area to maintain a clean, seamless look.

Proper maintenance and care will not only preserve the beauty of your brass faucets and undermount sinks but also ensure their longevity, making them a worthwhile investment for your home decor.

Styling and Decor Pairing Ideas

Brass faucets offer versatility in kitchen styling and decor, complementing both modern and traditional designs. Modern and minimalist kitchen cabinetry, such as the Alta cabinetry, can incorporate brass faucets and hardware for an understated, yet stylish look. Brass kitchen faucets are a popular choice, as seen in the Pinterest collection curated by Zayian.

For a cohesive aesthetic, consider the following styling and decor pairing ideas:

  • Undermount Sink Placement: The placement of the undermount sink, whether on an island or in a corner, can impact the kitchen's layout and workflow. Position the brass faucet and undermount sink strategically to create a functional and visually appealing focal point.

  • Complementary Finishes: Coordinate the brass faucet finish with other kitchen hardware, such as cabinet pulls and light fixtures, for a harmonious look. Zayian Farmhouse Apron Front Kitchen Sink paired with their Zayian Patina Brass Bridge Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer exemplifies this approach.

  • Contrasting Textures: Juxtapose the warm, shiny brass faucet against matte or textured surfaces like concrete countertops or rustic wood cabinetry for an interesting visual contrast.

  • Accent Pieces: Incorporate brass accents like pendant lights, shelving, or decorative objects to tie the brass faucet into the overall kitchen design . This creates a cohesive and intentional aesthetic.

  • Color Palettes: Pair brass faucets with warm, earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, or deep blues for a cozy, inviting ambiance. Alternatively, pair with crisp whites and grays for a modern, minimalist look.

By thoughtfully considering the placement, finishes, textures, accents, and color palettes, interior designers and homeowners can seamlessly integrate brass faucets and undermount sinks into their desired kitchen aesthetic.


What are the benefits and drawbacks of choosing brass faucets? Unlacquered brass faucets are highly valued for their 'living finish' that changes over time, a feature celebrated by luxury brands such as House of Rohl, Zayian, Waterstone, and Rejuvenation. The main benefit of brass is its aesthetic appeal, while drawbacks include higher costs and the potential for patina development, which can lead to dark marks that some may find unattractive.

Between metal and brass, which material is preferable for a faucet? Stainless steel faucets are often seen as more hygienic than brass due to their non-porous nature, making them less prone to bacteria and germ accumulation. They are also easier to clean and maintain. Nonetheless, it's essential to regularly clean and maintain any faucet to ensure a hygienic environment.

Which kitchen faucet comes highly recommended by professional plumbers? Among master plumbers, bridge, bar, and pot filler are the preferred kitchen faucets. These are favored for their quality and the readily available repair parts, making them reliable choices for both installation and maintenance.